Glow Mud Cleanser

Treat & Comfort Troubled Skin

Whether you’re looking to enhance your radiance, add hydration to your skin or rejuvenate your complexion, our favourites are here to help you achieve Pixi perfection! What’s our go-to Skintreats routine for treating & comforting troubled skin? Watch the video below to find out, lovelies! 😉

Glow Mud Cleanser

This deep pore cleanser, enriched with 5% Glycolic Acid, gently exfoliates & helps to enhance your Pixi glow! Apply onto moist skin, rinse clean, then pat dry.

Glow Mud Mask

Draw out impurities and brighten the skin with this revitalizing mask! The mineral-rich treatment absorbs oil, energizes the skin and balances the complexion. Apply onto clean, dry skin & leave on for 15 minutes. Then, rinse off & pat dry.

Glow Tonic

Tone your skin to Pixi perfection with our award-winning Glow Tonic! Gently exfoliate, purify & energize your skin. Saturate a cotton pad & sweep this across the face, down the neck and onto the decolletage.

H2O Skindrink

Enjoy a burst of hydration with our lightweight moisture gel. This essential rejuvenates, cools and refreshes the skin instantly, helping to rehydrate and plump. Apply across the face, down the neck and onto the decolletage.

Vitamin Wakeup Mist

Lastly, give an awakened effect to your skin with this favourite! Vitamin C is added to give an instant, energizing boost to the skin, as well as long-term protection that results in a brighter complexion! The Orange Blossom Water base is blended with skin-loving ingredients like Lavender & Arginine to strengthen, tone & hydrate the skin, effortlessly. Mist over the face & neck to complete this Skintreats routine for treating & comforting troubled skin!


These nutrient-rich must-haves take your skin to new levels of GLOWING, Pixi perfection! :)

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  1. I learned of Pixi on my trip to LA in April 2018. Fell in love with the store and products. The glow mud cleanser is the best. I’m very eerie about trying new products but Pixi got my vote.

  2. Hello
    I’ve been following your instagram page for a while now and I love your products. I would love to work with you so much.

  3. Hi! Just wanted to leave some feedback. I really wish that you wouldn’t use fragrances and essential oils in your skincare products because they’re not good for the skin. It’s easy and common to develop an allergy to fragrances over time from using too many products with fragrance. I love your rose ceramide cream but I really wish that it didn’t contain ingredients like Tagetes Minuta Flower Oil because this essential oil is phototoxic. I’m a huge fan of pixi skincare but I just wish that you would cut out the harmful fragrances and essential oils! Thanks for listening.

  4. Goodmorning. I am an up and coming beauty influencer and I’d love to do a PR for your brand! I’m excited to try out your makeup products for my subscribers and get them hooked on a new brand! If you are interested feel free to email me back or DM me on Instagram @mrandmrsdavis or @_maliadavis_ Hope to talk soon!

  5. Hello! Are you looking for influencers for your brand ? Would love to work together!
    Check out my instagram @vronimusic.
    Talk soon ☺️

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