Summer Essentials

It’s finally summertime, yay!

From hydrating Skintreats to makeup must-haves for travel, I am SO excited to share my current summer favourites.


Hydrating Milky Cleanser

This soothing cream cleanser is infused with Coconut, Probiotics & Willow Bark Extract to condition, moisturize & cleanse during the summer months. It’s the ultimate gentle cleansing after a day on the beach.


Eye Patches!

We have some new eye treats that are perfect to use chilled! Simply store in the fridge before using to give your under-eye area a super de-puffing effect.

FortifEYE helps to rejuvenate, rehydrate & firm the skin with added Collagen & Retinol.

DetoxifEYE aids in reducing dark circles while depuffing with caffeine.

On-the-Glow Moisturizer

Whether you’re going on holiday far away or enjoying a staycation at home, our new On-the-Glow is a solid moisturizer, hence very travel friendly, and is here to enhance your #PixiGlow wherever you go.

Swipe this onto the face, lips, body and hair to enjoy Pixi perfection from head to toe.


Skin-Loving Oils

RoseQuartz, Gold, Pearl & PinkSalt are our new Natural Gem multi use oils.

  • Mix a few drops of soothing RoseQuartz into your moisturizer for a nourishing, radiant finish!
  • Add Gold to your base for a warm enhanced glow.
  • Pearl is PERFECT as a priming oil, providing a protective layer under makeup.
  • PinkSalt Cleansing Oil re-mineralizes as well as improves clarity and instantly removes stubborn SPF & waterproof makeup!


Summer Glow Palette

Summer Glow is exactly what its name says it is: Summer Glow! 😉 For that beautiful, “kissed by the sun” glow, this palette is perfect. The mix of matte & glowing finishes helps to give a sheer, luminous, bronzed effect all over.


Now in Supersize!

Glow Mist and Hydrating Milky Mist now come in a super sized version so that you do not run out and can mist all over all summer!

-Mist Glow Mist all over the face, body & hair for a boost of moisture and a dewy finish.

-Use Hydrating Milky Mist chilled for a soothing, comforting hydration, even on top of makeup!

To shop all of our go-to Pixi must-haves ALL summer long, visit PixiBeauty.com or PixiBeauty.co.uk for worldwide shipping!

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Happy summer, lovelies! Enjoy :)




  1. Can anyone tell me how I can find whisper pink blush? It recently came in my Ipsy bag and I cannot find it anywhere. Pixie doesn’t really care to answer their customers as I’ve tried on Facebook, Instagram and through the site itself. Someone please help me.

  2. Great list! I need to check out some of these items. By the way, we would like to share to you our new tool called Campaign Manager where you can easily manage your influencer campaigns. You can add any influencers you have collab with in a campaign, and it shows their analytics that helps you to track their engagement. We are still updating it soon and will have more features such as Messaging influencers, Exporting Lists, etc. Please do check it out https://phlanx.com/campaign-manager

    1. Why was my shipping free until I put in a coupon code for 20%off, then my shipping was 4.00 for the same priority shipping? Is this site for real? Shady, shady, shady…. You just lost a customer for a shady 4.00 bs charge, terrible customer service!!!!!!

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