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Summer to Autumn Skin

Autumn is upon us, lovelies! And fortunately, our ultra-hydrating, skin-loving essentials are here so you can still enjoy a Pixi perfect glow as we transition to colder weather. Read on as the Pixi team shares their must-have Skintreats that keep them glowing in between seasons! :)

Cecilia, Design

Skin Type: Combination

Must-Have Skintreats: Rose Caviar Essence

“I love Rose Caviar Essence because it’s lightweight yet moisturizing. During the summer, I use it alone. During the fall, when my skin is a little more dry, I apply Rose Caviar Essence before the Rose Flash Balm!”

Jessy, Marketing

Skin Type: Combination

Must-Have Skintreats: Hydrating Milky Mist

“My must-have Skintreat for fall is the Hydrating Milky Mist. I love how it soothes and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day without making it greasy. Perfect for my moody combination skin!”

Terence, Education

Skin Type: Oily/Combination

Must-Have Skintreats: Rose Oil Blend

“My must have skintreats for summer into autumn has to be Rose Oil Blend. The Rose Oil Blend keeps my skin smooth and glowing throughout the summer & mixed with a little concealer, it gives perfect, light coverage. In fall, the Rose Oil Blend soothes and moisturizes, keeping my skin supple without being too greasy or heavy. A small drop & my skin is perfectly moisturized!”

Alex, Marketing

Skin Type: Combination

Must-Have Skintreats: Glow Tonic

“During the Summer, I especially love to use Glow Tonic because it exfoliates my skin to create the perfect canvas for gorgeously glowing summer makeup! I also add Rose Oil Blend into my skincare regimen when weather starts to cool down for extra moisturization.”

Katie, Design

Skin Type: Dry

Must-Have Skintreats: Double Cleanse

“I love to use Double Cleanse in the fall! There is no better way to take off my makeup at the end of the day. I love how nourishing the oil is, and how the cream leaves my skin feeling super clean! Double Cleansing is the perfect way to get all of that dirt & makeup off of my face without drying out my skin.”

Now, it’s your turn, lovelies! Leave a comment below with your Skintreats essentials when transitioning from Summer to Autumn.

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  1. Please help! I currently use glow mud cleanser and glow tonic in the AM and double cleanse and retinol tonic, phenomenal gel in the PM. Lately I start the day looking fresh and by 3-4pm my face looks like an oil slick! Should I be doing something different? Any products I should add/take away? I only use Pixi skincare. Thank you!

  2. I love the glow tonic and had seen great results, so when the retinol tonic came out I started using it. I had a great routine using the glow tonic at night. Can I use the glow tonic and retinol both at night? If so, which do I use first? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Emma!

      We suggest using Glow Tonic in the morning and Retinol Tonic in the evening. You may use the Rose Tonic after either the Retinol Tonic or the Glow Tonic! We hope this helps, lovely!

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