JAN-0C-Maryam-UK Pretties

Pixi + Maryam Maquillage!

Maryam has been a Pixi fan for a long time and is a dear family friend.  As I have followed her career,  it has been amazing to see her grow in these past years. She turned her early passion for makeup into a career as a beauty blogger, and is a true inspiration for all women to follow their dreams!

We created two great palettes and an amazing duo brush, the Strobe & Bronze Palette, Strobe & Glow Palette and Strobe & Sculpt Brush. Maryam hand-mixed each colours with her fans in mind. Maryam always had a hard time finding the proper contouring and bronzing shades to suit her own skin tone, as well as the golden, olive and deeper complexions of some of her followers. It was so exciting to create palettes with Maryam that fit all of you Pixi pretties. She is a professional and knew EXACTLY what she wanted!



Strobe and Bronze Palette by Maryam Maquillage and Pixi Beauty

The Strobe & Bronze Palette contains 3 glow powders and 3 bronze shades for a straight-from-vacation look. The bronze shades help create natural, sun-kissed definition, while the glow powders are created to highlight. I’m proud to say we tested on many skin tones, and the end result is a palette that really caters to all. Bronzing shades are buildable for all skin tones, while the glow powders like “Highline” cater to olive to deeper skin tones and “Empress” gives a glow for lovelies with medium to fair skin. Maryam suggests to layer “Empress” on “Highline” for a holographic effect on your highlight! See how Maryam uses the Strobe & Bronze Palette in the video below.

Strobe & Glow Palette by Maryam Maquillage and Pixi Beauty

Anyone can be a true artist with Maryam’s  Strobe & Sculpt palette. This one contains 3 matte contour shades & 3 luminous highlighters for refined highlighting and defined shading. Maryam and I developed the bronzing shade “Minx” & contouring shades, “Bo$$ Lady” and “Queen” to be a go-to, even for makeup beginners. These mineral pigments are also buildable, and you don’t need much! You can mix to create your exact desired contour colour. “Bo$$ Lady” and “Queen” are cooler contouring shades that create realistic shadows for an effortlessly sculpted look. I love to apply “Caviar Dreams” as a blush or a rose-toned highlighter and layer on “Honey-Bunny” for an extra pop of highlight. “Baby Chick,” a matte highlighter, brightens any area and can be used to create a reverse contour effect. Have a look at how Maryam uses the Strobe & Sculpt palette below!

Strobe & Sculpt Brush by Maryam Maquillage and Pixi Beauty

Whether you’re going for that natural, bronzed look with the Strobe & Bronze or if you’re looking more definition with the Strobe & Sculpt, the Strobe & Sculpt Brush is a must-have to blend product seamlessly. The brush is great for applying contour, bronzing and highlight shades, and even blending out foundation. The tapered side is great for highlighting, while the fluffier, bigger side is used for applying and blending any powder. Another one of Maryam’s tips is to squeeze the bristles of the bigger side to create a fan shape for precise application.

Maryam is such a kind and beautiful woman, and it’s no wonder that her following grows larger by the day. We’re so excited to see your continued support of the #PixiPretties collection, so keep sharing your looks by tagging us on Instagram with @pixibeauty and #PixiBeauty!