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Pixi Love Stories!



One of the best parts of my job is collaborating with all of my Pixi girls in the head office and seeing what their favourite products are!


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share some of the girls’ love stories…with Pixi products! :)



Love-Story-13FEB15-01Find H2O Skintint at:



Kate from our production department loves her H2O Skintint!


The tinted gel (infused with green tea, rose water, and lavender) glides onto skin, leaving it super hydrated and looking lovely with semi-matte, buildable coverage.



Love-Story-13FEB15-02Find Glow Mist at:



Arie, also a production pro, adores the new Glow Mist!


This luxe mist packed with 13 natural oils instantly hydrates skin and gives it a dreamy dewy finish – apply before makeup or throughout the day to refresh.



Love-Story-13FEB15-03Find Palette Bronzette at:



What’s Katherine from marketing obsessed with? The new Palette Bronzette!


With 3 face shades and 12 eye shades, all in beach-ready bronzy hues, this palette gives a gorgeous glow in a few easy steps! It’s so compact & portable, you’ll take it on all your vacations (or staycations) this year :)



Love-Story-13FEB15-04Find Shea Butter Lip Balm at:



Sara from customer service has fallen in love with Shea Butter Lip Balms!


These now-classic Pixi lip perfectors are enhanced with shea butter and vitamin E for the most nourished lips. The bonus is a hint of tint that can be blended onto cheeks as well!



Love-Story-13FEB15-05Find Correction Concentrate at:



Super makeup artist Sommer craves Correction Concentrate!


This bestselling colour corrector is peach-toned so it cancels out any darkness – perfect for anyone with undereye circles! Pat onto skin and watch imperfections disappear!