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LipLift Max: The Perfect Plumper!



One of my favourite new products from the Pixi Spring 2015 collection is LipLift Max – a glossy, treatment lip plumper.



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Many traditional lip plumpers in the past have used irritating ingredients to increase circulation to the lips.


We wanted to create something for sensitive lips that works by strengthening lip skin and building collagen to plump long-term & immediately.


This miracle lip-lover not only plumps, but deeply nourishes with added goodies like chamomile extract & jojoba oil. It’s also got a super-soothing, cooling mint effect that leaves lips feeling amazing.





The secret to LipLift Max’s plumping method? Peptides!


This powerful ingredient makes up the essential building blocks of protein in the skin. When applied to lips, peptides stimulate collagen production, filling in fine lines and giving a smoother, more plump appearance.


An added bonus: this translucent formula gives a high-shine, glass-like finish to further enhance & amplify lip volume visually.





And what good is an amazing formula without an equally amazing applicator?!


I wanted to give you the BEST of the best with LipLift Max, so I made sure that the wand has a broad, super soft cushiony tip which applies the formula evenly & smoothly.



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See below for some tips & tricks on when to use LipLift Max!





Try using LipLift Max:

Before applying lip colour – this will prime & hydrate lips, providing the perfect canvas (make sure to blot just before applying colour for the smoothest application)

Over your lipstick or lip stain – this adds a super-glossy, plumped finish to any shade

Mid-afternoon – the minty fresh feeling will wake you up instantly!

Before bed – add a thin layer for an amazing overnight lip masque; you’ll wake up with plumper, more hydrated lips!