Festive Fuchsia

I woke up this morning with these thoughts in my head…

•  Start my holiday gift list (I can’t leave it to the last minute again!)
•  I must be more patient with my 4-year old!
•  I need to calm down! Don’t jump out of bed and run all day – walk & think!
•  I dreamt about buying another house – a “fixer” of course – and my husband promptly asked for a divorce…in my dream, that is. PHEW!
•  I must stop watching TV – it’s annoying me more & more
•  I should really call my mom more often
•  I’m lusting after every shade of bright pink in makeup right now!

Winter Brightener Must-Haves

As we go into winter with its cold weather & dry air, there are some tricks that I always use, year in & year out.

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If you – like me – love the idea of luminous & perfect-looking skin and have never found it, here is your solution: Pixi Brightening Primer. It contains real pearl extract for maximum luminosity & humectants for a lovely dewy glow. Use under moisturizer if you have dry/normal skin and instead of moisturizer if you have normal/oily skin, massaging all over face including eye area and lips.

Another must-have for this time of year Eye Bright Liner – it’s my personal behind-the-scenes magic product to looking wide-awake, even when it’s very early or when I am jet-lagged. It’s a flesh-coloured inner rim liner that is waterproof and turns red eyes into bright white! I consistently use this on photo shoots and in everyday life.


Brighten Up the Night

Believe it or not, getting ready for a November party can be done in 5 minutes – all you need is a fresh fuchsia lip & a simple defined eye!

Here’s what I do for a quick change from daytime to nighttime.

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How to get the pretty pink look above:

1.  Even out skintone with your favourite foundation – a velvety finish works well here.
2.  Apply black eye liner & smudge with fingers, following with several coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes.
3.  Look for the brightest pink lip colour you can find – apply to lips with your fingertip & blend the excess onto apples of the cheeks.
4.  Pull your hair back into a ponytail & spray with hairspray. Brush down stray hairs with an old toothbrush & and brush through brows at the same time.

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I love a statement dress to go with this look, and some elegant (but not “break-the-bank” expensive at $78) earrings – the more sparkly, the better! I find that by putting on some eye-catching earrings, you can look festive & glowing whilst bringing light to your face.

As fun as it is, socializing can be tiring, and there is no better way to relax & recharge than a hot bath.


Primp & Pamper

Here is a sneak peek into my vanity & some of my all-time favorite pampering products:

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•  Savon de Marseille Extra Pur Rose hand soap – So luxurious & never dries out my hands.
•  Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil – So nourishing for dry skin.


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•  Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant – I use natural products whenever I can, and this is one of my favorites!
•  L’Artisan Drôle de Rose perfume – A powdery vintage rose scent •  with a hint of violet. Very pretty, feminine & flowery.
•  Pixi Rose Eau de Parfum – My own signature perfume that I created 6 years ago in the UK for my store. Very fresh, clean and light with a single rose note. Perfect for spritzing all over after shower/bath for that “super-clean” smell that we are all looking for.

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•  Decléor Aroma White C+ Brightening Cleansing Oil – Removes all makeup & brightens skin without drying.
•  Decléor Aromessence Angélique – I love to smooth a few drops onto face in the evening after cleansing. This nourishing serum oil is doing wonders for my skin right now! Smells delicious too!

Speaking of relaxing evening routines, I love to watch the sunsets at our local beach – it instantly puts me at ease.

The colours of the California sunset are so gorgeous that I had to capture some of those colours and use them in a Pixi kit.

Our biggest kit ever, the Ultimate Beauty Kit, is a very limited edition and an amazing value.
I like to think of it as your perfect home boudouir with a great big mirror and tons of colours to try that you may never have thought to buy individually.

Get the Ultimate Beauty Kit here

Although this kit will last you long through winter, it has some great rosy shades that are perfect to perk you up in the cold weather!

As this kit is HUGE, its sheer size & colour selection can be intimidating. Here are some comments from Ultimate Beauty Kit users:


Young Grandma (66 years old, blonde with blue eyes)

•  Loves that it has such a big mirror so you see your whole face when doing your makeup
•  Is usually wary of dark shades in order to avoid “raccoon eyes” but is pleasantly surprised that she loves the kit’s deep plummy brown liner shades
•  Always uses the grey eye shades on the top right side and the shimmery light peach & cream shades on the left side
•  Applies shimmery blushes for added glow – likes to switch up blush colours daily

Natural Mom (45 years old, brunette with green eyes)

•  Loves the purples & pink shades that bring out the green in her eyes
•  Mainly uses mid-toned eye shades on the eye lids and some highlighters
•  Likes coordinating cheek colour to eye colour to lip colour (example: if wearing pink eye shadow, likes a nude-pink blush with a rose lip)
•  Lines eyes with deep plum eye shade will try the deep purple as liner next
•  Prefers lip colour to be rosy or pink, but will now try the plums and reds included in the kit

Minimal Teenager (16 years old, brunette with hazel eyes)

•  Doesn’t use eye shades on the lid much – uses them more as liners/accent colour and plays around, mixing a few together for a unique coloured liner
•  Likes the dark matte browns, uses as both eye liners and brow colours
•  Likes a nude, more natural lip paired with the coloured eye liners so as not to look overdone
•  Uses bronzer from kit all over & to contour face
•  Loves light shimmer/glimmer on top of cheekbones & browbones and in inner corner of the eyes

Thinking of the colours in this kit & the landscape it was inspired by brings me back to my roots in Sweden, where winter colours are few but vivid.

Perhaps it’s time to start designing a new kit :)