Fall 2012 Nail Colour Favorites

A new nail colour is always the perfect pick-me-up on a dull day, and these 3 new stunning colours are really a must this fall!

This season I am in LOVE with jewel tones – they are so flattering as makeup, nail colour, jewelry (go figure…) and, of course, fashion!

From our Pixi Fall 2012 lineup, the cocoa is my personal favorite for a nice pedi. The amethyst is irresistible and looks so vibrant, but isn’t an “in your face” kind of colour. Green is always in my top picks and I love how this one looks like emera

Find Pixi Nail Colours at: http://pixibeauty.com/nails/nail-polish



As cocoa is an all-time favorite colour of mine, it’s well-known that I only had one request for my car: it had to be the PERFECT CHOCOLATE COLOUR. All men in my life looked at me in total disbelief – you know what I mean, girls – but as it happened, I managed to find my dream on wheels and it matches my mani!


Find the chocolate dress at: http://www.michaelkors.com/p/Michael-Kors-Michael-Kors-Leather-Waist-Crepe-Dress-DRESSES/prod17810041_cat18007_cat102_/?index=31&cmCat=cat000000cat102cat18007&isEditorial=false
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Pixi Nail Colour in Classy Cocoa: http://pixibeauty.com/nails/nail-polish


Colour analysis: At first glance, it’s the perfect chocolate nail colour. Look deeper to see that we mixed a deep cocoa pigment into a purple base and then, to give it a glow, added some gold pearl. The result? PEEEEERFECT!!!



It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful colour than amethyst, inspired by nature’s precious stone creations.


Pixi Nail Colour in Amazing Amethyst: http://pixibeauty.com/nails/nail-polish


Colour analysis: Rich ultraviolet purple with pink & violet shimmer. Great for transitioning from summer brights into lush fall colours!





Emerald is one of the most stunning colours on earth! I believe that everyone looks fantastic with a pop of emerald – it lifts an outfit, a face, or in this case, a mani or pedi!


Pixi Nail Colour in Evening Emerald: http://pixibeauty.com/nails/nail-polish


Colour analysis: Deep jewel-toned green with a hint of complex gold shimmer. This gives it a sparkle when the light hits & really makes this colour special.


For a touch of creative nail art, try applying all 3 shades at once, one per nail – super easy & fun!



I’m off to fashion week in NY – always so exciting – and I can’t wait to see these jewel tones all over the runway!


How would you wear our fall nail colours?