Chocolate Charm

Now that autumn is officially here, I think it’s time to cozy up and enjoy some home comforts – for me, staying in is definitely the new going out, and brown is the new black!
A good book, warm blanket, fire crackling, scented candle burning and a good quality bar of chocolate and I’m in heaven. It’s the little luxuries in life that count!

We all know that the taste of chocolate is amazing, but even the smell is delicious & it’s calorie-free! A quality scented candle can warm up a room in seconds and instantly adds a homey feel.

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On those days that don’t require me to wear a silk dress – which, as a working mother, happens to be most days :) – I still love to work the warmth of chocolate colours into my accessories.

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Over to my favorite subject: beauty! Shades of chocolate brown are some of my all-time favorite makeup colours – the hue suits all skintones and is soft but defining at the same time.

Cocoa Nails

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This colour is the perfect brown for fall nails. Classy & sophisticated, but with an edge

A Product Is Born

I often get asked what inspires my makeup products, and the reply is – everything! Anything can spark an idea – I see products everywhere. I’m a little nutty for product design and even dream about it!

Our Pixi Nude Shade Wardrobe is a good example of when I got inspired by something we have all seen. The packaging & pattern were inspired by a Swedish chocolate bar – and it’s the size of a large piece of chocolate!

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Although I don’t watch much television, I have to admit that my guilty pleasure (other than chocolate) is “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. The dynamic between the sisters is so hilarious – I have two sisters, so the drama & entertainment is easily related to when we watch the show.

I get a strong feeling of chocolate HAIR envy when I see these ladies – how do they get their hair to look lacquered & glossy but still soft? I’ve tried to get this effect by soaking my hair with lemon, beer, you name it – I won’t give up and when I figure it out I’ll let you know!

Besides the gorgeous hair, I also LOVE the smoky cocoa eyes that Khloe, Kim and Kourtney often sport.

One of the secrets of this look is to choose a chocolate brown eyeliner in the right hue of brown with the right undertone.

How to choose the best chocolate brown eyeliner:

1. Find one without red or orange in it – look for a neutral or grey undertone. Reddish tones in a brown eyeliner (which most have) can make you look tired.
2. Always try the liner colour on your skin – it will look different in the packaging than it does on the skin. You may need a shade darker than you think.
3. If you like a bit of glimmer in your chocolate liner, try to find one that has gold pearl pigment – it’s most flattering for all eye colours and skintones.
4. Find the perfect black-based brown and use it as an everyday essential. I love love love our Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackCocoa for this – it’s a bestseller and is softer than black for daytime.
5. Buy a waterproof formula so you don’t have to worry about smudging or touch-ups all day.

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Soft-Focus Smoky Brown

How to create this timeless look with ONE product – Pixi Lid&Line in Smoky Brown:

1.  Use “Line” end to line upper lash line with in short strokes, as close to the lash roots you can get – press the pen downward & “dot” into lash roots from above. Focus most of the colour from the middle of eye to the outer corner.
2.  Repeat on the lower lash line. Apply very gently to create a soft line – start at outer corner and go all the way to the last lash at the inner corner.
3.  Now use the “Smudge” end to blur the lines.
4.  Take “Lid” end and press the tip onto liner on upper lash line. Run the powder just above the liner, onto the lid as well & blend. Repeat on the lower lash line.
5.  To take this soft smoky look from day to night, simply take the powder shadow from the “Lid” end and apply into the crease of the eye & blend – the higher & closer to the brow you go, the more smoky definition you get.
6.  Add your favorite mascara and you are done!

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Let’s move on from all the glamour & shopping to some eating! Yum!

The great news about chocolate is that it not only tastes good, it also has some AMAZING beauty & health benefits!

A quality piece of chocolate:

•  provides lots of antioxidants
•  is rich in minerals
•  can actually lower blood pressure
•  contains healthy fats

My husband & I consider ourselves quite the chocolate experts and we want to hereby announce our winner for the best chocolate bar – Green & Black’s Almond Milk Chocolate bar. (It was fun testing them all!)

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Body Butter Buttons

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Finally, I just got these goodies from LUSH & now I’m off to bribe my husband into giving me a massage! Wish me luck :)