Bigger Eyes!


Want your eyes to look bigger? Okay, so it’s REALLY simple! :)



You don’t need a lot of products, layers, or effort to enhance your eyes to the maximum!


The most beautiful eye looks are often the most simple. I believe that using the right products, with rich pigments, is the best solution for bigger, bolder eyes.


The essentials to make eyes look larger: light eye shadow on lids, lots of mascara and nude lip gloss.


Need more tricks?



Connect the Dots!


Dot a fine-tip liquid eye liner between the lashes – this will fill in any sparseness and help to define the eye without being noticeable.


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Lighten the Waterline!


Use a light nude inner-rim liner on your waterline, a soft grey/brown liner to define under the eye and a few layers of mascara. This combination will give depth, extending the eye white to look larger, opening up the eye and visually defining the bottom of the eye below the lash line.


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Brow Wow!


Well-groomed eyebrows frame your eyes and face. A good arch gives the illusion of an eye lift & will open up the eyes.


Start the arch at the outside corner of your eyes, above the iris, filling in with a hard pencil in a colour 1 shade lighter than your hair. Follow up by brushing brows up and out with a tinted brow gel.


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Lash Curl!


Curling lashes is an old trick to really open up the eyes & show more of the eye white, making eyes look larger. Still the best is Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler, of course.


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Let me know your tricks & tips for making your eyes look bigger in the comments below! :)