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#20YearsOfGlow + Sweden Recap

Pixi was born in London 20 years ago, but did you know I was born in Stockholm?

Growing up surrounded by clear light, crisp air, and the beautiful nature of Sweden, this is where all my inspiration for Pixi blossomed.

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In honor of #20YearsOfGlow, I wanted to share where the Pixi dream began with some of my closest friends & family!

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We had the most enchanting adventures together, celebrating how Pixi has helped our lovelies GLOW the past 20 years! 😉

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From the beginning, fuss-free multi-purpose Skintreats and makeup have been my mission! 😉

That’s why I’ve formulated unique products like On-the-Glow, which is a solid moisturizer that can be taken with you WHEREVER you go!

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We also enjoyed a boat ride in the city of Stockholm, which is built on islands! In Sweden we are obsessed with clean water and hydration. You know what that calls for? Multi-Misting of our refreshing mists, of course.

These must-haves have become a Skintreats staple over the years for everyone I know!

It was such a special trip, being able to bring our PixiPretties to where I grew up. It reminds me of how thankful I am for each and every one of you who has shown Pixi so much love over these beautiful 20 years. THANK YOU!

Cheers to another amazing #20YearsOfGlow 😉

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  1. Pixi is an amazing brand and the glow tonic is just simply amazing. I am a big supporter of quality and hard work and Pixi as a brand represents that

  2. I would like to try your products if you have sensitive skin formulas . I am now 43 and seems that all the products I have tried expensive and not are for the most part NOT HELPING NOR HEALING. My face. I look older with some makeup products on but my skin has such extensive white marks all over it from massive sun damage or maybe they are age spots . I only had one dermatologist look at them and I was told it was from sun damage used with an acne cream I used in my early 20-s . Please please introduce me to a sample of a moisture cream or crows feet line eraser . I am starting to feel a difference in my esteem and also my just over all happy go lucky personality is turning so I just don’t want to be seen this way . Please send me a price quote for such products if I indeed you cannot send samples .

  3. Dear sir or madam
    I’m company based in Libya I’m doing wholesale in Libyan market I would like to place an order with you kindly if you could send me your pricelist
    Best regards ALI

  4. I can’t believe I have just discovered Pixi Beauty and have been using it so faithfully for the past 1.5 months! Im ashamed that I didn’t know about it sooner. I love that the main ingredients are listed as the 1st 10 or so and I could tell a difference the 1st time I used it. Im obsessed with the Overnight Retinol and Glow serum and have now incorporated the high strength Glycolic peel pad and Vitamin C. I was told tonight that my skin looks amazing and glowy! So excited! They are very reasonably priced compared to all the over priced products on the market. I am 52 and loving my regimen so Thank you Pixi ♡

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